When I first saw photos of sugar flowers, I was in disbelief. I couldn't believe they weren't real, they looked so delicate.

My love started with sugar flowers and grew from there. I discovered so many light and airy techniques that gave cakes a romantic feel that I loved. 

I find inspiration in design. What I mean by that is I see a lovely styled wedding in a magazine and want to create the perfect cake to go along side it, a lush garden around a Victorian home, snow capped fir trees with the faintest trail leading inside. These wonderfully styled spaces [by nature or by artists] inspire me to create an elegant cake that meshes perfectly.

My mom taught me to bake when I was pretty little. I always knew the right way to measure flour and brown sugar and that chocolate chips were always the best snack (and baking chocolate wasn't!). I have her to thank for being able to create amazing tasting cakes!

Every one of you that likes or comments on photos of my work, you are the ones that inspire me to work hard to create a beautifully romantic cake for your dream wedding!

Thanks so much for your support!