At your cake tasting you will sample 5-6 pairings based on your likes and dislikes. Please bring color swatches I can keep if your shade is extremely specific. The tasting is designed for two people but can accommodate more (so please let me know if there are more!). There is a $30 fee for your cake tasting and is deducted from your final total. Be prepared to sign a contract and make a $75 deposit if you want to reserve your wedding date and place an order. Cake tastings are held at Broadway Coffeehouse in Salem, Oregon.

Delivery is free within Salem, Oregon for orders over $50. $5 within Salem. Deliveries beyond Salem are $1 per mile.


Prices are $8 per serving. This includes basic designs. Difficult, time consuming, and costly designs have extra charges; including ruffles, sugar flowers and gold or silver leaf. I specialize in fondant, so all decorated cakes are made with fondant. Don't be afraid though, the fondant is only 1/8" thick and my work can't be done without it! And don't worry, there is yummy frosting underneath it! 


Simply frosted cakes including clean edges, scallops, rosettes and more. 

1 tier - $54

2 tiers - $162

3 tiers - $333

4 tiers - $585


Fully naked or semi-naked, you choose!

1 tier - $42

2 tiers - $126

3 tiers - $259

4 tiers - $455


$2.25 per standard cupcake, $2.50 per unfilled standard cupcake.

One dozen minimum per flavor.

Contact for pricing on larger cakes and other desserts.

Gluten free and vegan options available.




-Confetti cake with raspberry preserves and vanilla bean buttercream

-Orange rosemary cake with cream cheese frosting

-Strawberry moscato cake with lemon buttercream

-Lemon cake with marionberry buttercream

-White cake with boysenberry preserves and earl gray buttercream

-Basil cake with strawberry buttercream

-Vanilla bean cake with salted caramel buttercream

-Devil's food cake with lavender swiss meringue

-Chocolate with hazelnut buttercream

-Red velvet with cream cheese frosting

-Strawberry moscato cake with rose buttercream

More options/requests available.